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If you follow me on Instagram, you know that I just returned from a girl's weekend in AZ celebrating my mama's big 50th birthday! One of my favorite getaways, even for just a long weekend, is Scottsdale; for many obvious reasons - the year-round sunshine, relaxation, great shopping. But the greatest reason of all, the FOOD. After the handful of times I have been down there, I have developed a list of my favorite eats! Photos below are from my last couple of trips :)


The Morning Joint (Mojo) at the Grayhawk Golf Club. My in-law's house (where we stay) is close by so this is our favorite place to walk to in the mornings to grab a nice cup of joe and acai bowls. (They also serve mimosas and bloody mary's for those type of mornings). The surrounding views as well as the views of the golf course are stunning! 

favorite eats in scottsdale | xxkarlierae.com
favorite restaurants in scottsdale | xxkarlierae.com

The Mission. This is an authentic Mexican restaurant in Old Town Scottsdale and my mother's all time FAV. Things to order - table side guacamole, mani mani tacos (or the pork shoulder if you don't like fish!), and the cucumber-jalapeno margarita if you like marks + spice. We also got their sweet potato fries to share at the table and I loved those. 

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The Ocean Club. Owned by Mastros, the Ocean Club is your go to if you are looking for a more luxury dining experience. Their lemon drops are my favorite drink to get while in Scottsdale! They make them with dry ice that overflows over your martini glass so the presentation is on point. To feed the table we will order their seafood towers full of fresh, iced seafood of your choice. I like the crab and shrimp :) and dessert...the butter cake, period. Some nights there is a live singer in the bar which is always fun for a classy night out. 

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Sumomaya. Truthfully, this one might be my top pick. I LOVE going here for dinner!! It is a funky 'Asian-Mexican cuisine' they call it, with the coolest atmosphere ever. Everything is bright pink & orange, there is a tree growing through the middle of the restaurant, upbeat music playing, and a delicious and diverse menu. Alec and I's favorites here are the apple-salmon sushi roll, the edamame appetizer (the flavor on it is unreal), and the center cut filet mignon (SAUCE!). This is a perfect place for a fun date night or night out with your friends. They took me here over my last birthday and the dessert they gave me to celebrate with was a dream!! (pic below that looks like a firework!)

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Isabella's Kitchen. Italian food in a yellow brick-ivy filled building with festival lighting right on the golf course? That is what this is all about. The structure itself is absolutely beautiful!! There are so many cool places to take photos and have pretty views, plus the food and cocktails are right in line with the atmosphere. Both times I have been here I have gotten the quinoa salad which was never disappoints! Tons of my insta photos while I'm in Scottsdale are usually taken while at dinner here :) 

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 Diego Pops. Another Mexican restaurant, I know. This one is less pricey and in my opinion hits a little bit of a younger crowd. It is near the Fashion Square mall, so great location. There is a fun outdoor seating area by fireplaces and under festival lighting, as well as a pink pineapple wallpaper on one side of the restaurant, perfect for kodak moments. 

image from Diego Pops

image from Diego Pops

Nekter Juice Bar. They have these throughout Arizona and I wish we had them in Seattle so bad! They have juices, smoothies, and acai bowls. Most all (if not all) are made dairy free and all fresh ingredients!! This is probably the best juice bar I have been to, I'm in love. Definitely worth stopping for! 

nekter juice bar az | xxkarlierae.com

Kale and Clover. This trip was the first time I have eaten here but the last couple trips down to AZ I have been dying to try it!! This is a 'mindful' kitchen with tons of gluten free, vegetarian (and vegan), healthy and fresh options that are delicious. The first time going there over the weekend I got the southwest quinoa bowl and the second time I got the turkey bolognese which was soo good!! It was zucchini noodles with ground turkey in a marinara sauce topped with parmesan cheese - easy, healthy, and tasty. 

image from Kale and Clover

image from Kale and Clover

I hope you guys enjoyed reading about some of my favorite food spots in Scottsdale! As always, contact me with any questions or your fav places to go if you have been! I am eager to try some new places on our next trip down there! xx, Karlie Rae