Last Minute Thanksgiving Dresses

Last Minute Thanksgiving Dresses via

If you are anything like me then you have probably realized that Thanksgiving is right around the corner and you are having one of those "I have nothing to wear moments". You also probably love the holiday season and all the dressing up it allows you to do! For Thanksgiving day and most of the holiday events that I attend between then and Christmas, I love to wear a dress. I have always been more on the 'girly girl' side so I love the excuse to add some fun new holiday dresses to my wardrobe. 

As you can see in the photo above of a holiday dress of mine from last year, I love lace detailing. So be prepared to see LOTS OF LACE in all my dress choices. This Thanksgiving, (along with the lace, duh), I am loving the fall tones in dresses. The black + white details of this dress is too darling, I love the burnt yellow coloring of this one, and the plum undertones of this grey dress.  As you can tell by my selections below; nude beige/pinks, black & white patterns, burnt orange, olive green, navy blues, they would all be the perfect tonal palette to wear to your family gathering, party, date night, or whatever Thanksgiving outting or inning you may be attending. 

I am also on the hunt for some fun new recipes to bring to our family dinners! If you have any sides or dessert ideas, please send them over!! I am excited to cook some yummy stuff this year!! xx, Karlie Rae