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If you are currently around Seattle; you will know that the past week has been BEAUTIFUL..what happened? The rain is back, but by the looks of my iPhone weather (which is nearly always wrong, let's be real), the sun will be shining this week!  With spring weather now in full (half) swing...that means skirts and dresses are on, black is switched out to white, and dark lips become light/bright lips! I am ready. 


One thing I have been dying to try has been this all-white trend. A couple things to keep in mind when attempting at home: 1. wear a bib and put a napkin on your lap when you eat. I cannot tell you how many little stains and crumbs were on me after wearing this look for a full day. 2. watch the makeup. 3. people will probably stare a you, a lot. I probably was referred to as an angel (in a halloween costume type of way) over five times; which I am a million percent okay with because even more people loved it, and what matters the most.. I love the look! Style is all about being bold, trying new things, & not being afraid to stand out. With that said, I encourage you all to give the white a go!

Have a lovely week


Free People, www.xxkarlierae.com | insta: karlierae
www.xxkarlierae.com | insta: karlierae
insta: karlierae | www.xxkarlierae.com
free people x www.xxkarlierae.com
www.xxkarlierae.com | free people bag & shoes
free people necklace | insta: karlierae
www.xxkarlierae.com | all white outfit
all white outfit | insta: karlierae

Photos: Rachel Davis | MUA: Haley Marie


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jacket: Forever 21 | tee: Nasty Gal | denim: Nasty Gal, old love these and these | shoes: Free People | bag: Free People | necklace: Free People