Why You Need A Nightly Eyemask


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Staying on top of your nightly beauty routine is some hard work, TRUST ME. I was once that girl that was so lazy I even slept with my makeup on...I know, the laziness was so real. But, what I have learned is how important it is and how much it betters your skin to have your nightly skincare routine and to stick to it! 

We all have our face wash, moisturizer, maybe serums or toners or masks - but what so many of us have missing in our routines is a good product for your eyes!! Something we have forgotten is how much your under-eyes age, get dark circles, fine lines/wrinkles, and bags. So why not save yourself and be preventative - or if you are dealing with any of those currently, let's fix it! 

I recently started using VIIcode Oxygen Eye Masks to help me prevent these eye probs. What separates this product from your other standard eye masks is it is an 8-hour overnight treatment so it is made to sit and soak in! It feels nice and cool on your face since it is a gel-like material and once it's on and situated, you barely even notice it! Since this is an overnight treatment, it is the very last thing that I will do in my routine! I have been doing it for a little over a week, 2-3 times a week! A 'full course' of treatment is 3 boxes so I would order accordingly and do the full course at one time, then repeat every couple of months - it isn't something that has to be 100% constant but can be!  

On another note, this top is also going to be coming soon to Shop KarlieRae, I am so excited about it! Hope you all have a great day and add some fun eye masks to your skincare regiment! 



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30 Spring Dresses for Easter

Shop KarlieRae floral midi dress @karlierae @shopkarlierae
Shop KarlieRae floral midi dress | @karlierae @shopkarlierae
Shop KarlieRae floral midi dress | @karlierae @shopkarlierae
Shop KarlieRae floral midi dress | @karlierae @shopkarlierae
Shop KarlieRae floral midi dress | @karlierae @shopkarlierae
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Shop KarlieRae floral midi dress | @karlierae @shopkarlierae
Images x Jessica Whitaker | Babetown babe next to me x Morgan Lillian

Images x Jessica Whitaker | Babetown babe next to me x Morgan Lillian

Happy Friday babes! Now, I titled this post "30 Spring Dresses for Easter" because all these dresses really could be worn on Easter, Mother's Day, a spring/summer wedding, or just any sunny day you feel like wearing a cute dress, (which is me all the time). I love an excuse to dress up a little, and with all the adorable trends with dresses this year, I know I will be taking advantage of any opportunity! 

This year, we will be spending Easter in Arizona with the Lang Gang and although I will miss my usual Easter church service at our church, celebrating the resurrection of Jesus will be such a treat down in the sunshine! I love the tradition of buying an Easter dress and getting all ready to see your family and friends at church and dinner - and all the photos you take, of course. Facebook is a ZOO of photos on days like Easter and I just love it! 

I am not sure if I can narrow my favorite dress trends this year down to just one or two, but let me try. I love all the floral print, for sure. Hence the dress I am wearing in the images above which is actually one of the items on my store! (Only a couple left, so grab it before it's gone! These are the shoes I am wearing with it as well). As I was searching for spring dresses for this post, I couldn't help but choose TONS of floral prints! I love the variety and truly think each one is unique and gives off different vibes so you really cannot have too many.  A couple of my favorite floral pieces below are this one, this one, and this one. Another trend I am loving is the midi length. There is something so feminine and classic about it. I feel like me three years ago was not about the midi length, so maybe it is something you kinda grow into, and I am there! I love them! In my opinion, they are the new maxis. My favorites below are this one and this one

Below I listed 30 of my spring dress finds and hope you love them as much as I do! Happy FriYAY & happy shopping!


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Winter Instagram Roundup

Happy Wednesday! It has been SO LONG since my last Instagram Roundup so I figured one was necessary to do one in order to finish winter up and enter SPRING! 😍 Below I linked all my recent looks, (& my not so recent looks), for you guys that don't use LikeToKnow.It or have problems finding them on my shop page! And also for those of you who just like to have them all here, all together :) 

These last couple of months have been incredibly fun. We moved into our new home, went to Arizona with some of our best friends, I launched my online store, and got to work with some fun photographers & companies along the way! So much to post about on Insta and so much to be thankful for! My mind is definitely hitting summer mode and I am so eager for it to just be here already!! You can definitely tell by my outfits lately that I'm ignoring the fact it's still a bit chilly out and solely focusing on the fact that it's almost April :)

I hope you enjoy these insta images & have a fab Wednesday!!  


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Hello Spring Style

YOU GUYS! Before I dive into this post, I just have to flippin' say THANK YOU for all the love, support, and ORDERS from you guys with my new online store, Shop KarlieRae. We launched yesterday, and I cannot believe all the kind messages I got, and all the orders that came in!! We sold out of four items in just one day, and have several items that only have 1-2 left! Never in my wildest dreams did I think that launch day would go as well as it did! On my side of things I had a lot of nervous sweating and shipping probs. (All you who placed orders first got DEALS on your shipping since I miscalculated everything and was charging for a letter instead of package...WHOOPS. Total Karlie Move). But you live and you learn and I am just so happy!! 

K next topic - SPRING! Warmer weather is finally right around the corner and I could not be more excited to start filling up my spring wardrobe with some fun, lighter and brighter pieces. Living in Seattle, early spring is still pretty chilly so I love finding tops/sweaters that are more light and playful than my winter tops - wearing them with jeans to stay warm, but bringing back in the spring spirit with my choice in shoes! All of that is exactly what I did with this look. These sneakers I featured recently in an Instagram post and they were a huge favorite; for my followers and for myself. I have been wearing them any 'nice' day we get it seems, and the best thing about them? They are only $40. The blush color gives a nice statement to any outfit you wear them with and screams SPRING! Plus, blush is a neutral now so it's never too obnoxious. I even think these would be darling to wear with a casual dress! I can already tell that my warm weather wardrobe will consist of blush, whites, and grays. I can just see it. This sweater is also from my store and we only have ONE LEFT!! It's in the small/medium size so grab it before someone else does!

I hope you are all having a fun St. Patricks Day weekend!! Thanks again for everything guys, I am forever grateful! 

Shop KarlieRae fringe sweater
Shop KarlieRae fringe sweater
Shop KarlieRae fringe sweater
Shop KarlieRae fringe sweater
Sole Society Handbag | TopShop sneakers | @karlierae
Topshop blush sneakers | @karlierae
Shop KarlieRae fringe sweater
Shop KarlieRae fringe sweater
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Shop KarlieRae fringe sweater | Topshop blush sneakers | @karlierae


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